Next-Generation Decentralized
Transaction Network

A novel fair-launched GhostDAG implementation, designed to provide a decentralized, high-throughput, low-latency, secure transaction network with built-in smart contracts, secured by a resource-managing proof-of-work revolution: PAIW

Revolutionizing blockchain technology: introducing ghostDAG

Unlocking Efficiency and Scalability with the Ghost Directed Acyclic Graph Protocol

GhostDAG is a groundbreaking consensus protocol revolutionizing blockchain technology. It offers an efficient and scalable solution for decentralized networks. With a directed acyclic graph (DAG) structure, GhostDAG eliminates orphaned blocks and achieves near-instant confirmation times. This enhances security, scalability, and throughput, enabling real-world adoption of cryptocurrencies. GhostDAG empowers blockchain platforms to revolutionize transaction verification and provide a user-friendly digital economy experience.


PYRIN enables super fast transactions, ensuring quick and efficient asset transfers. Its innovative consensus mechanism achieves near-instant transaction confirmation, making transactions visible within seconds and fully confirmed in 10 seconds or less.

~1.2 sec


Low Fee

Low transaction fees pave the way for adoption and smart contract applications.

~0.000025 $



PYRIN achieves maximum security and decentralization by combining pure proof-of-work with GhostDAG consensus.


PYRIN using GhostDAG maintain a high-speed network while preserving decentralization, secured by thousands of independent nodes. Implemented BLAKE3 ensures a fair coin distribution at the beginning by excluding ASICS from mining.


PYRIN tackles scalability by using BlockDAG, enabling parallel block creation and confirmation. This ensures high transaction volume without compromising security or network performance.



Advanced Blockchain

PYRIN strategically integrates Layer 1 technology, enhances decentralization, introduces smart contracts, and pioneers innovative resource management which not only boost miner revenues but also contribute to more environmentally friendly blockchain protocols.

Cryptographic Hash Evolution

BLAKE3 is an improved cryptographic hash based on BLAKE2. It boasts faster and consistent performance across platforms, supporting unlimited parallelism and scalability. BLAKE3 outperforms BLAKE2b, SHA-512, and SHA-256, even on smaller architectures like ARM1176. Unlike its predecessors, BLAKE3 is a singular algorithm with a simplified API, accommodating keying and extendable output. Its tree structure enables new applications such as verified streaming and incremental updates.

Smart Contracts enhanced by ghostDAG

Revolutionizing Decentralized Applications with Speed, Scalability, and Security

Smart contracts, encoded agreements on the blockchain, have transformed decentralized applications. Combining them with GhostDAG takes their potential to new heights. Smart Contracts will operate efficiently on the Pyrin Network by integrating with GhostDAG's scalable protocol. GhostDAG's directed acyclic graph (DAG) reduces confirmation times, enabling near-instant execution and enhancing user experience.

With improved scalability, smart contracts handle high transaction volumes efficiently. This opens up practical use cases like

• DeFi
• Supply Chain Management
• Asset Tokenization
• P2P Lending
• Decentralized Identity Solutions
• Healthcare Data Management
• Copyright Management
• Real Estate
• Gaming
• and many more

GhostDAG's integration revolutionizes agreement execution, empowering faster transactions, scalability, and an efficient decentralized ecosystem.

Introducing resource-managing proof-of-work: PAIW

Expanding Possibilities: Mining, Revenue, and AI Synergies
Proof of Work (PoW) mining has long been synonymous with energy-intensive security measures in the blockchain sphere. However, PAIW introduces a paradigm shift by reaping dual benefits from this energy expenditure. It not only enhances network security but also creates novel revenue models for miners while fostering synergies with AI service providers. This innovative approach represents a promising evolution in the blockchain landscape.

Web Wallet

Step into the future with PYRIN Web Wallet, engineered for extraordinary speed and ironclad security. Our wallet leverages the robustness of Rust and the efficiency of WebAssembly, delivering an experience that’s lightning-fast and ultra-responsive. Your security is our value, offering enhanced protection with a 24-word seed phrase, while still accommodating the import of 12-word seeds for your convenience.

Your privacy is paramount with our client-side operations feature, which ensures that all wallet activities are kept strictly on your device. The sandboxed environment for our wallet creates an isolated and secure space within your browser, significantly boosting your security against digital threats.
Enjoy a smooth transition from CLI to Web by managing your assets with our CLI Wallet Compatibility. Our Web Wallet is built to facilitate easy transfers of CLI-based wallets.

Enter the era of smart blockchain solutions with the PYRIN Web Wallet, where speed meets security, and integration is seamless.
Web Wallet